You can be royalty for a night. A VIP table at Loftið brings you an exclusive table for a whole night with a bottle of liquor. You can mix drinks your way and enjoy the night with your people.

VIP table

  • Vodka

  • Ciroc 1L75.000 kr.
  • Katla 1L70.000 kr.
  • Belvedere 70CL90.000 kr.
  • Belvedere 1.75L160.000 kr.
  • Belvedere 3L260.000
  • Gin

  • Tanqueray Ten 1L80.000 kr.
  • Citadelle Gin Reserve 70 Cl65.000 kr.
  • Ungava 70ck60.000 kr.
  • G vine 70CL70.000 kr.
  • Rum

  • Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros65.000 kr.
  • Ron Zacapa 23 Solera 1L75.000 kr.
  • Tequila

  • Patron XO65.000 kr.
  • Don Julio Anejo70.000 kr.
  • Mezcal Vida70.000 kr.
  • Whiskey

  • Bulleit Bourbon 70CL70.000 kr.
  • Johnnie Walker Black 70CL65.000 kr.
  • A complimentary selection of drinks and bar snacks with every bottle purchase.

  • Club Soda
    Britvic Tonic Water
    Britvic Ginger Ale
    Britvic Ginger Beer
    Red Bull
    Pepsi Max
    Tomato Juice
    Cranberry Juice

Everyone needs their own throne. Contact us and ask for a VIP table.