Loftið opens early and invites its guests to enjoy quality tea and coffee. In our comfortable surroundings you can wind down after a hard day of work, have meetings about just about everything or plan the future.

Tea & coffee

  • Tea

  • Double Dragon Tea / pot

    Hydrates the body, promotes healthy skin and detoxification.600 kr.

  • Yunnan Golden tips tea / pot

    Maintains healthy cardiovascular and circulatory systems.600 kr.

  • Jasmine Pearls green tea / Pot

    Supports the immune system.600 kr.

  • Iced Tea

    Waiter´s choice.600 kr.

  • Coffee

  • Espresso400 kr.

  • Americano400 kr.

  • Cappuccino450 kr.

  • Latte450 kr.

  • Macchiato450 kr.

You can also relax and have a nice time. That’s Loftið.