Loftið brings you enchanting appetizers, small courses that are perfect with good wine. We use fresh Icelandic ingredient. Our appetizers go well with every situation, whether you’re with a large group or with the one you love.


  • A selection of gourmet cheeses and seasonal delicacies accompanied by… 

  • harlem For two

    ... two glasses of specially selected wine .Price varies

  • bronx for four

    ... four glasses of specially selected wine. Price varies

  • manhattan for six

    ... a bottle of specially selected wine.Price varies

  • pearl river

    Bruléed Gull cheese with home made jam and other delicacies.3.100 kr.

  • brooklyn

    Flambéed pankakes with homemade marmalade & fresh cocktail fruits.2.200 kr.

  • queens

    Loft’s delicious selection of desserts.1.800 kr.

As a part of a first date, it’s perfect: brings you a taste of heaven that might lead to something more. That’s Loftið